Fragrance Direct Haul


I recently ordered from and i received my order yesterday. I have been ordering make up from this website for awhile now and it usually never disappoints. This website stocks a wide range of make-up brands and not only drugstore brands. The products are always a lot cheaper on fragrancedirect than the prices you can find in shops such as superdrug and boots. Just because the prices are lower however, doesn’t mean that the make-up is lower quality, it is as good as you would find it in the drugstore.

I ordered 6 products and this came to a total of £19.94 excluding delivery, amazing right? The products were:

  • L’Oreal Colour Riche Serum Lipstick (in the shade: Radiant Rose S 103) – £1.99
  • Rimmel Colour Mousse Eyeshadow (in the shade: Black Pearl 010) – £1.99
  • Rimmel Natural Bronzer (in the shade: Sun Dance 027) – £2.99
  • Urban Decay Hypnotic Colours Nail Polish Set – £9.99
  • Bourjois Bio Detox Anti Puffiness Concealer (in the shade: 02) – £1.99
  • Body Collection Liquid Eyeliner (in the shade: Black) – 99p

I was amazed that i saved £12.51 on the urban decay nail set as it’s usual price is £22.50. I didn’t buy this for myself though (sadly) as I  am giving this as a gift to someone for christmas.

I have tried out all of the products that i bought for myself except the rimmel mouse eyeshadow and i love the bourjois concealer is really, really good and i love the shade of the rimmel lipstick as it is a vibrant pink rose, i think it suits my skin tone well.


Pixie Lott

I love Pixie Lott, i always have since Mama do was released. I honestly don’t listen to her music as often as i used to now, but i still really like it. People say i sound like Pixie Lott when i sing… and i take it as such a huge compliment, i’ve never really thought i do, i just sing how i sing.
The main thing i love about Pixie Lott is her style, i love what she wears, especially from 2010 onwards, i think her style has evolved. She loves the ’60s and say that they inspire her a lot but, she is also quite edgy… and that’s what i love. She wears a lot of vintage inspired clothes and gives them an edgy twist.
I remember watching this video a few months back and i came across it again today, i’d forgotten how much i really love her outfit (picture on the left) in the interview part of this video… the big white collar shirt worn underneath the green and black tartan dress which is fastened with enchanting silver pearl buttons. Her shoes are amazing as well, i love the shape and the heel of them, the colour and fabric just match perfectly with the outfit, red velvet, ahhh. The dainty frilly white socks that flow out of the top of the ankle boot just accent the whole outfit, especially the white shirt. Ahhhhhh heaven.

Jumpers &

 I have a growing obsession with jumpers. I have never really been much of a knitwear wearing kind of person but this winter i am starting to become very fond of knitted items. My ‘style’ has changed this year, (i don’t know why but whenever i use that word to describe something about me, i cringe, probably because of my old msn name ‘girl_with_style oh the year 7 days.) Anyway, i have been searching around for jumpers and knitwear, this includes big knitted cardigans. I purchased a big cream knitted cardigan from asos last month and i literally never want to take it off, i am completely in love with it. I think that started off my obsession… i can tell my wardrobe is going to be filled with over-sized items of clothing, at least i’ll know i’ll be warm!

I was looking through, on the knitwear section (of course) when i found this (the picture on the left), i was drawn to it immediately. I love the colour and the shape, the material looks perfect. It fits the picture of the imaginary jumper i’ve been lusting over except, it’s not imaginary anymore. I want it, i want it now and i’m hoping to order it, right this second – i wish. The price of this item makes it even more real, it’s only £20.00 which i think is fair, even more than that, actually!

I have ordered from quite a few times and i am always pleased with their delivery and the quality of their clothing, their prices are simply just a bonus.

black skulls

black skulls