Which is better?

I love how easy posting and updating my blog is on wordpress but i have been looking on blogger (or blogspot) and it seems that you get a lot more freedom when it comes down to your blog’s design. I have seen that many more blogs are hosted on blogger too, not that i’m contemplating a change in blogs because of that but, it just seems a lot… better? In a way, although i do love wordpress.

Since i’ve been toying around with this idea, I seem to have thought about a change in the blog’s name… i love the name electraviolet but i do seem to be second guessing it… i’m a bit of a perfectionist this way.

I really don’t know what to do, if i did move my blog over to blogspot, I would copy all of the posts over there too. I just don’t know… could anyone give me any advice?


2 thoughts on “Which is better?

  1. Hey Jane I visited you at blogspot. I coudnt make a comment there, I dont know My wordpress profile didnt work there. Please add a bloglovin icon to your blogspot. I’ll follow you from there 🙂

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