i don’t know what to put here

Okay so i said that i was going to (most probably) write a lot during the Christmas break… I obviously didn’t.

Not many people at all follow this blog but i feel bad…

I had a really good Christmas, i honestly spent most of it out with friends and sometimes family and that’s honestly the truth, i was barely in the house! When i was inside and near the wonderful WiFi i was mostly on tumblr or watching youtube videos.

Christmas/New Years went too quickly compared with last year… reflecting back there is a lot of difference in how i am now as apposed to how i was back then. I feel more aware of myself now as in what i like and i feel as though i have matured quite a bit, there is one similarity though that i still don’t know what to do over, but that’s another story… funny how things sometimes come back around, seemingly for the better.

2012 went fast too, it has been my best and worst year so far. A lot has happened this year and i’m really happy that most of it has, good parties, an amazing summer, becoming closer to people i’ve known since year 7 and becoming more of who i want to be.

On the downside… there has been a few things that have affected me from around spring last year… or i guess one thing in particular. It’s been tough and it’s not always easy to control, it’s made me become sad when i truly want to be happy and i can’t see why i shouldn’t have been – everything was going amazingly, except for that of course.

As things do, it’s grown and weakened in strength, which is hard and i don’t know how to talk about it, it’s much easier to do in riddles (as i am now) or through writing.

I don’t let it stop me, i still go to most parties and find the strength to go out with my friends and go to school, it takes a lot and it tires me out but i need to fight back – it’s my life, i’m 16 this year and it’s not going to defeat me and take opportunities away from me.

It’s a struggle but it’s worth fighting

(As cheesy as that may sound)