beige mist | Eyeshadow look of the day

Okay so, instead of face of the day I thought i would do Eyeshadow of the day or rather, Eyeshadow look of the day or Eye look of the day, whichever.

I love putting on eye shadow, it’s so creative as you can mix different shades to create different looks, it’s easy to become inspired. That is what happened with me today, I didn’t plan anything other than what pallet I was going to use, whenever i start on creating an eye shadow look, i just go with it – make it up as i go along. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes it doesn’t but i like the freedom of not being bound by step 1 and step 2 etc.




What I used:



  • Sleek kohl eyeliner pencil – 121 Black
  • Clinique high impact mascara – 11 Brightening Black
  • Dainty Doll Eyeshadow base – 001
  • MAC quad – Shroom, Satin Taupe, Patina

I really like the outcome of this look and I could see myself creating it again. I don’t usually wear eyeshadow, only for occasions such as parties or going out for dinner but I would consider wearing this during the day as the shades are quite soft. It’s not overpowering but it isn’t too simple, I think it has the perfect balance and it looks great on the eyes and even better in person.


Dainty Doll


I have to talk about this, i found it quite amusing but it’s simple really. Well yesterday my Mum   walked into my room, handing over to me what seemed to be a package addressed to me, which it was… I was confused as I hadn’t ordered anything, i didn’t have a clue what it could be. So, anyway I noticed on the front of the package above my address it had ‘hearst magazines’ printed on the package, so obviously my thoughts then were that this package had been sent from a magazine or something along those lines. I then became slightly excited as I realised that I must’ve won something, although i didn’t know exactly what i could’ve won. I knew i had entered a few competition, as I do when i’ve got nothing better to do and of course, in the hope of winning. So, when i proceeded to open the package and found makeup, I was really happy… i mean free makeup? And, it being danity doll (by Nicola Roberts) I was pleased as I had never tried anything of hers before and it was unlikely that I would purchase anything from this brand as I had heard it is aimed towards paler complexions. Anyway, I received:

  • An Eyeshadow Base in 001
  • An Eyeshadow in 001
  • An Eyeliner pencil in 004
  • A Lipgoss in 001

I am mostly excited about the Eyeshadow base as I have not got round to purchasing an eye primer as of yet and for now I am going to use the Eyeshadow base when i wear Eyeshadow. All of the products are really good quality and well pigmented and I love the packaging so I am really, really happy about that surprise.

Another thing, I vaguely remembered entering a competition to win this makeup but i couldn’t remember which magazine… so after awhile of thinking i went onto the Christmas edition of the Company weekly edit and of course I found my answer, I must have been one of 100 people who received this makeup set as I had entered while I was bored on Christmas break from school, of course.

Apart from winning the amazing Mac quad from Flora (thank you thank you thank you) just before Christmas and now this, I had never won any competitions in my life despite entering what I think is a lot in my opinion.

Topshop SS13

   29  28

Topshop’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection first look shots look mystical. Topshop never fail in being unique and they certainly don’t disappoint this time. The collection is clearly inspired by the 90s and the clothes give of a gothic vibe. I personally LOVE the 90s and the grunge-gothic look, so of course – i love the look of this!

I have flicked through all of the shots available on, and have picked out two of my favourite looks.

I love how topshop have mixed the dark grunge colours and styles with mystical prints and colours, it might seem like an easy thing to do but i think the pieces complement each other perfectly. I love how they have layered the black jumper over the colourful print and paired it with a chunky neck piece and ankle-boots.

My Favorite look of them all though, has to be the one with the brightly patterned coloured jeans, the print reminds me of space… or sherbet. I love how there are so many different ways to how you could style these jeans. You could clash them with a printed top or you could simply wear an over-sized black jumper to make the jeans the key piece. Another idea i like is wearing a crop top and an over-sized chunky knit cardigan with the jeans, finishing the look with creepers.

You can see the full first look shots here:


i don’t know what to put here

Okay so i said that i was going to (most probably) write a lot during the Christmas break… I obviously didn’t.

Not many people at all follow this blog but i feel bad…

I had a really good Christmas, i honestly spent most of it out with friends and sometimes family and that’s honestly the truth, i was barely in the house! When i was inside and near the wonderful WiFi i was mostly on tumblr or watching youtube videos.

Christmas/New Years went too quickly compared with last year… reflecting back there is a lot of difference in how i am now as apposed to how i was back then. I feel more aware of myself now as in what i like and i feel as though i have matured quite a bit, there is one similarity though that i still don’t know what to do over, but that’s another story… funny how things sometimes come back around, seemingly for the better.

2012 went fast too, it has been my best and worst year so far. A lot has happened this year and i’m really happy that most of it has, good parties, an amazing summer, becoming closer to people i’ve known since year 7 and becoming more of who i want to be.

On the downside… there has been a few things that have affected me from around spring last year… or i guess one thing in particular. It’s been tough and it’s not always easy to control, it’s made me become sad when i truly want to be happy and i can’t see why i shouldn’t have been – everything was going amazingly, except for that of course.

As things do, it’s grown and weakened in strength, which is hard and i don’t know how to talk about it, it’s much easier to do in riddles (as i am now) or through writing.

I don’t let it stop me, i still go to most parties and find the strength to go out with my friends and go to school, it takes a lot and it tires me out but i need to fight back – it’s my life, i’m 16 this year and it’s not going to defeat me and take opportunities away from me.

It’s a struggle but it’s worth fighting

(As cheesy as that may sound)

leather & velvet

DSCF3548  DSCF3552I love this outfit, it’s got leather and velvet and studded boots… literally everything i love. The clothes i am wearing   come from a collective Christmas shop, i love the feeling of thinking up a new outfit and i instantly get the impulse feeling to go out, just to wear it – seriously.

Anyway, I guess i should tell you wear i got the pieces from, shouldn’t I?:

Quilted Leather Biker Jacket – £25.00 –  Click 

Sinead Melange Vest – £9.99 – Click 

Velvet leggings – £13.99 – Click 

Leather Studded Boots – £40.00 – Click