Mock exams and things…

I feel so bad that I haven’t posted and it hasn’t even been ridiculously long.
I felt like making this post so I was reminding myself as much as anyone who might read this blog that I’m not slowing forgetting about it… I have only had it since September. It seems like yesterday though- 2012 and the first half of year 11 has gone way too quick.
Anyway, I’ve got mock exams all next week, well, this week really. I should probably say my time is taken with revision and partly it is yes but I haven’t done much, I feel like I’m prepared… I will have to do some though.
Since I’ve got a Saturday job in which I work from 9am – 5:30pm I’ve been going out on Fridays a lot more and then Saturdays when I’ve finished work so the only free day I have to blog during the weekend is sunday. I will try to devote some of my time on Sundays to my blog, it’s not that I don’t Want to its just I feel inspired but I’m tired and I feel like it would be wasted.
Oh well, it’s Christmas break starting a week in thursday and I’m sure I’ll blog a lot then!