i love love love

i love love love

Velvet dress
$25 – fashionunion.com

Crop top

Black heels
$67 – debenhams.com


Velvet dress

Velvet dress
I really really want this dress.
I was looking on missguided.co.uk yesterday when i came across this.
The dress is velvet; i am in love with velvet but i couldn’t seem to find any nice dresses/skirts… until now.
This dress comes in two colours, Burgundy and Black. I prefer the Burgundy as i think it brings out the glisten and texture of the fabric more so but i do love the black version of the dress too.
Unfortunately, the dress is sold old in nearly all of the sizes in burgundy, no surprise as it is in my opinion, very reasonably priced at £18.99.
I’m anxiously hoping that the dress will be back in stock soon.
I have also added a pair of shoe boots from missguided to this look, i think that they would go really well with both dresses. The shoes are £35.99, i am also wishing to purchase these too.

Velvet dress
$30 – missguided.co.uk

$16 – missguided.co.uk

Lace up boots